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CLEAN AIR PROJECT (2017-1-PL01-KA202-038377, CLEAN AIR)

Clean air curriculum as a base for clean environment

CLEAN AIR project (Clean air curriculum as a base for clean environment) begins this 2018 year. Granada Energy Agency is partner of the European CLEAN AIR project under the ERASMUS+ European call. the National Polish Office aproves this project with the number 2017-1-PL01-KA202-038377, "CLEAN AIR: Clean air curriculum as a base for clean environment", so the project starts officialy on the 1st of 2018, and finished on the 30th september 2019.

Brief introduction of CLEAN AIR project, Clean air curriculum as a base for a clean environment:

Starting from the need detected in our region, and in other European regions, the CLEAN AIR Project is proposed. A large part of households in EU countries continue to use the most commonly used typical fuels (diesel, coal and wood) for space heating. Only in Poland, the number of single-family homes that use coal and wood for heating exceeds 4 million buildings. Diesel, coal and low quality wood are still the cheapest source of thermal energy. They are often mixed with waste, which significantly aggravates the problem and the health effects.

In Spain and in Granada in particular, the main problem is associated with the use of diesel oil as the main heating source. In addition, by tending to cleaner systems for heating, it is tending to the use of small biomass stoves which are often made of poorly treated and / or poorly treated field residues, with the consequent problems for the quality of the air they can cause.

Given that the problem of air pollution affects all EU countries, it requires the application of a transnational approach that includes cooperation between countries, the exchange of experiences and the development of joint measures. Not only because the sources of air pollution and the solutions required for the problem are similar, but also because air pollution has a strong cross-border character. The project partners come mainly from one of the most important European hot spots, namely the Central and Eastern Europe area. The participation of Spain will allow the dissemination of the products and results of the project to other parts of the EU, beyond CEE.

The objective of this project is to raise awareness among rural communities in the countries covered by the project about the problem of air pollution, its reasons, the effects on health and the possible solutions that the inhabitants can take to mitigate the problem and reduce the local air pollution. This objective will be achieved by training rural teachers on the topic of air pollution and by giving them the educational materials they will use to teach their students and students about the problem. The project focuses on rural areas because public awareness of the problem is much lower among rural communities compared to the inhabitants of larger cities. Therefore, the project responds to the awareness and education gap that is the most serious within rural areas.


In Spain, the report "EVALUATION OF THE AIR QUALITY OF SPAIN 2016" was developed, which indicated the main 7 areas of the country with the highest air pollution. The seven zones mentioned are the following:

ES0118 “Granada y Área Metropolitana”

ES0508 “La Palma, La Gomera y El Hierro”

ES0901 “Àrea de Barcelona”

ES0902 “Vallès-Baix Llobregat”

ES1016 “L'Horta”

ES1301 “Madrid”

ES1308 “Corredor del Henares” 


To follow the progress of the project on social networks, do not hesitate to follow us on the twitter account: @CleanAirErasmus ,, https://www.facebook.com/CleanAirErasmusProject/ 

More information about the project on the official website of the project: http://cleanair-project.eu/ 

More information about ERASMUS+ European call here: http://www.erasmusplus.gob.es/


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