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Recently the European Union has launched a new program to encourage the participation of municipalities in energy policy and reduce CO2 emissions, the "Covenant of Mayors".


The Covenant of Mayors is the acquire, by European municipalities, of a commitment to reduce by 2020 its CO2 emissions by 20%. This objective agrees with the 'Provincial Plan 20-11 Climate Protection' developed by the Government of Granada.


Being aware of the importance of going to acquire this program, the Diputación de Granada has joined as a "support structure" to the Covenant of Mayors, to provide technical and financial support through the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada, to all those municipalities that are interested in joining this program.




The Covenant of Mayors assumes that decentralized action is needed, and local level oriented action is basic to meet the commitment to reduce emissions of greenhouse gases. Local Authorities, large and small, across Europe, are already helping to reduce pollution through the adoption of energy efficiency programs in areas such as urban transport and the promotion of renewable energy sources in urban areas.

By signing the Covenant of Mayors, Mayors pledge to:

  1. Go beyond the objectives set by the Heads of State in 2020 and reduce CO2 emissions in their territories in more than 20% by implementing an action plan for sustainable energy.
  2. Adapting its urban structures and allocate resources to mobilize civil society to participate in the plan of action.
  3. Develop an annual evaluation report for monitoring and control plan
  4. Share their experiences.
  5. Organize "Energy Days" or "Day of the Covenant of Mayors" to promote the benefits of smarter energy use.


The main actions that originally developed the Provincial Energy Agency in this program are:


  1. Advice to the mayors of the municipalities to report on the Covenant of Mayors initiative and possibilities for action around the initiative.
  2. Technical Assistance for the implementation of the commitment of all those interested municipalities of the Covenant of Mayors.
  3. Technical assistance to municipalities in the different tools that Government of Granada offers to support the implementation of the measures of the Covenant of Mayors.
  4. Technical Assistance for the implementation of "Action Plans Sustainable Energy." (You can request funding for the same program through 1381)




More info at: http://www.eumayors.eu/.

* Municipalities joined to the European Covenant of Mayors in the province of Granada.

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