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The energy policy of the Government of Granada is channeled through the Environment Dptm., whose charge is the Director of Renewable Energy Agency acting provincial Granada Energy as an instrument in the development of actions.

The guidelines of the Plan are:

  1. Detection of natural endogenous resources.
  2. Valuation of resources.
  3. Establishing the scope of practice of these resources in specific energy projects.
  4. Search for funding for the projects.
  5. Collaboration with the municipalities in the implementation of sustainable energy development actions.
  6. Information to the general public to promote activities related to sustainable energy development.


Tthe Provincial Energy Agency of Granada was established un 2001, as an instrument for the Diputación de Granada for the development of a more sustainable model of regional energy associated with the creation of local activity around the sector.

In 2002, an agreement was signed for the promotion of renewable energy and energy efficiency with a local credit bank.

In 2005 we began to develop the provincial plan of Energy Audits in the province, reaching at the end of 2009 152 municipal energy audits in the province.

Based on available information, from the 2007 year we began to set the basis for the investment in the province under the Provincial Plan for Climate Protection 20-11 to get lower energy bills of municipalities of Granada, promote the activity in the field of sustainable energy development, and promote actions in the private sector and citizens to achieve production targets and renewable energy savings.

In 2009 the Diputación de Granada signed the European Covenant of Mayors as a support structure, and draws the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada to manage the European program for the promotion of policies for energy improvement in the municipalities of Granada.

The Provincial Plan for Climate Protection continues at the current stage adapted by the times of crisis and promote action through programs, energy service companies and European funding to enable continued investment activities in the province, and create synergies with advocacy and outreach to business and citizenship. We want to generate more local business in the region, achieve the goals of reducing energy demand, and production of clean energy.

Currently, besides the various training programs and promotion of technical assistance to the province and the Diputación de Granada as well, this plan has been achieved already:

  • 12,961 Installation of efficient lamps for public lighting in the municipalities of the province of Granada, and the provision of 6291 efficient lamps. It also will get added to these numbers in the coming months 7866 more efficient lamps.
  • The installation of 36.4 kW photovoltaic nominal public agencies, and the next installation of 350 kW for which there is more funding available.
  • The installation of about 500 kW biomass boiler in municipal offices.

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