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The objective of the European Commission, published the "White Book" on renewable energies, estimated a 12% contribution to the energy structure in the area of the European Union in the year 2010. This objective will be reflected soon in an EU directive, that will set the 22% of electricity generated from renewable sources by 2012.

The rational use of energy and diversification of energy sources, together with the promotion of renewable energies, are the basics for the energy policy for the entire scope of the European Union and therefore also for the Spanish State, Andalucia and the province of Granada.

The province of Granada can not remain outside the Community policies and strategies being developed in the renewable energy sector, being integrated into the development of a policy framework and recommendations, aimed first to energy efficiency savings and on the other hand, to the progressive introduction of renewable energy. These actions will enable us to achieve the objective set in 2010 by the European Union.

The Agency understand that these actions must continue to rely on specific programs, which subsidize the investment promotion for the progressive introduction of renewable energies in both the public and private sectors.

At the same time we believe that our province forms a natural resource potential (solar, biomass, water, air, etc..); these energies can be used as sources for conversion to alternative energy. The enhancement of these resources requires a significant and sustained effort by all sectors involved, because, development, balanced and sustainable manner, contribute to wealth creation, employment and improving environmental quality.

TheDiputación de Granada, through the Development Area, define as priority to set these goals for our Energy Agency, which framed within the EU SAVE II program and autonomy, set in independence to goal the necessary actions to:

  • The promotion of renewable energy through the study and appreciation of natural resources.

  • Information and advice on the use of clean energy.

  • The information and awareness on the need for responsible and efficient use of energy, encouraging savings in our province.

In the energy sector, the main instrument of the Diputación de Granada is the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada, founded under the EU SAVE program in 2001. The Agency has gained more weight in provincial policies for sustainable energy development, and has managed various projects for a better use of energy in the region, including 152 municipal energy optimization plans, educational events, technical advice, studies of mobility and integration of energy efficiency measures in urban planning, public lighting, promotion of renewable energy systems (solar photovoltaic, solar thermal, biomass, and geothermal energy in the last consultation 2008-2009), and so on.

And now the County of Grenada has signed the European initiative of the Covenant of Mayors. as "support structures" to the municipalities of the province. This program is the commitment of municipalities to achieve the three goals 20-20-20 on energy and CO2 emissions. To manage this programme the council will have the Provincial Energy Agency as one of it's main instruments.

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