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The creation of the Energy Agency of Granada has been carried out within the multiannual program of energy efficiency (1998-2002), adhering to the call for proposals in 2000 (OJ C 375/06). The project was due to the implication that carries the object of the program:

"To encourage energy efficiency measures in all sectors and encourage investments in energy conservation by private consumers, public and industry."

The project of the Agency of Granada, signed in March 2001 as the "Convention for the establishment of local and regional agencies for the Management of Energy under the SAVE program," regulates relations between the European Commission, the Diputación de Granada and the following European partners:

  • Carlow - Kilkenny Energy Management Agency, at Irlanda.
  • Agencia Regional de Energia e Ambiente do Norte Alentejano e Tejo (AREANA - Tejo), at Portugal.



The Provincial Energy Agency of Granada leads and coordinates the implementation of this project to the Commission, taking responsibility for the mandatory inspection reports, the receipt of funds and their allocation to other European agencies.


The total project budget for the years 2001-2005, is € 1,202,157, of which € 454,157 relate to the Agency in Granada. The share of funding has the following distribution: 49.8% for the Diptación de Granada, 33% for the Commission, and the rest by the partners involved or participate in it.

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