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The main objective of the Association, as reflected by its Statutes in Article Sixth is "the improvement and use of provincial energy resources and awareness of local authorities, businesses and citizens about the shortage of energy resources and the need for a rational and consistent with economic and environmental aspects. "

In the framework of policies to support the use and development of natural energy resources, the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada, in accordance with the purposes of the European Union, is constituted with the following objectives:


  • To encourage the use of renewable energy, low environmental impact and inexhaustible sources from the sun, the wind...

  • Advise and educate different sectors of public and private spheres in a rational and efficient use of energy.

  • Contribute to sustainable development and disadvantaged areas with a deficit of economic and technical means.



  • Inventory of renewable energy sources in the province, creating a documentary and develop proposals for recovery.

  • Raise awareness and corporations, individuals and public entities about the efficient use of energy, planning concrete measures and energy savings.

  • To promote media campaigns, conferences, courses and forums that encourage debate and a broad knowledge of the sector.

  • Establish the position of Regional Energy Manager.

  • To elaborate Provincial Energy Plan.

  • To prepare studies of alternative energy facilities and advise on grant programs and funding awarded for the various public administrations.

  • To participate and to organize meetings to exchange experiences with other local energy agencies, local, regional, etc... taking the actions that have proven successful elsewhere.

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