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The object of this covenant is the promotion of actions aimed to reduce energy demand and energy consumption in local activities that develop the province as a result of the provision of local services, as well as the modernization life prolongation of municipal facilities and equipment and promoting the implementation and use of renewable energy.
To this objetive, the Provincial Council of Granada launched in 2008 the "Climate Protection Provincial Plan 20-11" bringing a change in the energy model of the province of Granada supported on efficiency savings, clean energy support, public awareness and institutional information and the proposed alternatives to urban and transportation models.
This action is in line with the objectives set by the new European initiative 'Covenant of Mayors', of which Provincial Council of Granada is a partner, participating as a support structure for the municipalities of the province.

The Plan is structured into different actions, among which are municipal investments designed to obtain energy saving, renewable energy production, incorporation of ICTs related to energy development to municipal management, including design criteria in the mobility and urban planning, training and promotion, etc...


All programs managed by the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada are, in general, for local municipalities and autonomous unlimited population. However, some programs may establish specific requirements regarding the type of local agency may request or limit the population.

1381. Action Plans in energy sustainability.

The findings of the AUDGRA program (Municipal Energy Audits in the province of Granada) show that it is possible to reduce the energy expenditure of municipalities of Granada around 20% by implementing simple measures and amortized in a short period of time.

On the other hand, the European initiative of the Covenant of Mayors (see program 1393) aims to give priority to energy actions of those municipalities to engage, through the signing of this initiative to reduce CO2 emissions by 20% in 2020. To perform the actions associated with the Covenant of Mayors, the first step is to inventory current CO2 emissions in the municipality and develop an action plan to minimize PLAN OF ACTION called energy sustainability, to be run in the first year after the signing of Covenant of Mayors.

In the case of the province of Granada, the existence of a prior program of Municipal Energy Audits (AUDGRA) greatly facilitates this work, which update may have the support of the Junta de Andalucía through the "Order of 4 February 2009, establishing the rules for an incentive program for sustainable energy development in Andalusia and made his call for the years 2009-2014. "In particular 2.1.3. Energy saving and efficiency of outdoor lighting installations, including signaling traffic light with a minimum investment of €3,000, getting a reduction of energy consumption and providing documentary proof, whichever having undertaken an energy audit on the municipality or benefited area in the event that investments made by local government.

1382. Municipal Technical Staff Training.

This program is aimed at updating knowledge of municipal technicians in sustainable energy management, offering to the municipalities the support service and assistance in carrying out an appropriate municipal energy management and to facilitate the development of the different activities offered in the provincial programs for climate.

1383. Move smart: sustainable mobility plans.

Transport is responsible for approximately 37% of emissions of greenhouse gases in our region. This is influencing the field through the realization of sustainable mobility plans at the municipal level.

1384. Ecocity: urban planning energy criteria.

Impact on urban planning energy efficiency criteria.

1386. "Save 20": Implementation of energy saving measures in public lighting.

The actions of the program "Save 20": implementation of energy saving measures, will be made by the Provincial Council of Granada through the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada, are subdivided into different types depending on technology and application area.

This program aims to implement energy saving measures identified in each municipalities that participated in the AUD-GRA and, specifically, those of lower return period in the main municipal energy consuming sector: changing to more efficient lamps Public Lighting.

1387. Con Ciencia: outreach and communications program.

The third strategic line of the provincial program for climate action is aimed at the promotion and public awareness on climate protection and efficient management of energy.

Includes actions to raise public awareness on energy and climate protection as well as dissemination of good environmental practices. Among the actions to be undertaken is the publication of leaflets, conducting Workshops, and the use of the exhibition available to the Provincial Council of Granada for the purpose.

1388. Other assistance for renewable energy and energy saving.

This program aims to assist the needs of innovative local entities arising in renewable energy and energy savings with no place in the other consultation programs.

13891 Renovables 20: SIG Solar Project.

Following the second strategy of the provincial program for climate action to the creation of a public system of sustainable energy production, is to support investments in the Granada municipal installation of renewable energy production.
With the new regulations governing the photovoltaic sector in Spain (RD 1578/2008 1578/2008), the type of facilities best selling price of electricity have, are those to be integrated into a roof.

Therefore, this program develops a GIS tool for quantifying the potential photovoltaic roofs of the municipality, ie the evaluation of the real possibilities of energy use through photovoltaic roof located in the municipality, and means to carry out the implementation of such facilities.

13892 Public buildings CO2 Zero

After public lighting, municipal buildings constitute the second major source of energy consumption of the municipalities with almost 25% of the total. The purpose of the subprogramme is to reduce emissions from this sector through integrated action which includes measures to incorporate Renewable Energy and Energy saving and efficiency, as well as other mechanisms for offsetting CO2. If all this is done in public buildings, this performance is a wonderful way to lead by example and disseminate these new technologies among citizens.

13893 Energy Agency of Granada Technical assistance

The 'Provincial Plan 20-11 Climate Protection' wants to support public proceedings of local authorities to encourage a more sustainable energy model.
The outsourcing technical assistance are intended to cover those specialized demands from municipalities Grenadians witch can not be met from their own technical services.

Different technical assistance that may be requested are:
A. Advice and / or processing in adherence to European Projects.
B. Advising on public lighting projects.
C. Consumer Advisory handling electric power market.
D. Advising on Renewable Energy projects.
E. Advice on energy saving and energy efficiency.
F. Assistance as speakers and seminars.
G. Advice and incentive processing through the Order of February 4, 2009 for action on sustainable energy.
H. Advice and drafting Procurement Technical Sheets on energy.
I. Cession of equipment for Renewable Energy conferences.
J. Cession of Thermographic camera for studies of energy efficiency.
K. Others (brief description on the card).

13894 Facilitators of energy informations in the territory.

Within the 'Provincial Plan 20-11 Climate Protection' we will support public proceedings of local authorities to encourage a more sustainable energy model.

This program focuses its target on bringing specialized technical assistance to citizens, promoting energy efficiency and clean energy production in homes and workplaces.

13895 Granada toda solar.

Within the 'Provincial Plan 20-11 Climate Protection' we will support public proceedings of local authorities to encourage a more sustainable energy model. This program focuses its target on bringing specialized technical assistance to the citizens, promote energy efficiency and clean energy production in homes and workplaces, with the goal of Granada as a "Sun province", Granada All Solar: "Granada Toda Solar".

13896 Covenant of Mayors.

Recently the European Union has launched a new program to encourage the participation of municipalities in energy policy and reduce CO2 emissions, the "Covenant of Mayors".

"The Covenant of Mayors" is responsible to acquire, by European municipalities, a commitment to reduce by 2020 its CO2 emissions by 20%. This objective agrees with the 'Provincial Plan 20-11 Climate Protection' developed by the Provincial Council of Granada.
Aware of the importance of this program, the Provincial Council of Granada has been credited as "support structure" to Covenant of Mayors, to provide technical and financial support through the Provincial Energy Agency of Granada, to those municipalities who are interested in joining this program.

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