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If you are a municipality participating in the project NEIGHBORS ON CLIMATE you can challenge your citizens to participate in the project for free and encourage them to save energy by learning how to change habits in the use of energy at your home.

You can give all the publicity you consider necessary through conventional channels (web, local radio, promotion in local media, etc.), in addition to information dissemination and meetings with local stakeholders (primary and secondary school, Agenda 21, ecoschools, neighborhood associations, workers, etc.)

This is a project available to the citizens of the municipality, so that they can perform actions for energy savings (and therefore, also economic savings) accompanied weekly by tips, the resources distributed to municipalities, and direct advice with experts from the Energy Agency of Granada if needed.

To get more information you can download the brochure here, or you can contact the Agency.


Example of a new on the website of one of the Valencian town: http://www.algemesi.es/es/content/vecinos-por-el-clima

More info of the project: http://www.energyneighbourhoods.eu/es/

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