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The Provincial Energy Agency of Granada is currently collaborating with the European project for Intelligent Energy Europe "Dynamo Effect", this project involves several associations of local stations from various countries of the European Union to jointly deliver energy related content:

"Dynamo Effect" is a radio campaign consists of 210 programs that will be issued in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy and Spain, by 300 radio stations, on the following topics: climate change, food and agriculture , sustainable homes, air conditioning, clean energy power, sustainable energy consumption, recycling and reuse, intelligent mobility, sustainable enterprises, and so on.

The purpose of "dynamo effect" is to reduce the gap between European countries in the field of intelligent energy use and sustainable mobility, as well as exchange of best practices between countries. Programs begin to issue in January 2010 but in the meantime, the website will collect and promote local events and scientific papers provided by the partners and local experts (http://www.dynamoeffect.org/EN/).


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