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The Provincial Energy Agency of Granada is currently developing with the Diputación ig Granada a campaign to promote the use of the bicycle, particulary in the advantages of electric bikes. The Provincial Energy Agency has placed a photovoltaic recharging point at the CIE Building in Granada (where their offices are), offering three electric bicycles to be used by the workers at the building in their daily tasks.

The "enRuédate" proyect aims to promote cycling as a healthy way of transport that respects the environment among the youth of Granada.

The purpose of this project is the development and awareness of sustainable mobility, by the promotion of the bicycle (electric bike).


1. To promote knowledge among the citizens of environmental issues, especially climate change and its connection to energy consumption, renewable energy and energy saving.

2. To think on the role played by citizens regarding the energy problem, and how we can participate actively in the search for alternatives: energy saving, rational energy use, renewable energy...

3. Promote critical awareness of environmental issues in society and introduce a "new energy culture."




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