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Granada Toda Solar

“Free activities for workers, financed by the ESF".

implementation of activities of Granada Toda Solar Project.


This is a project promoted by the "Biodiversity Foundation" and the Diputación of Granada, through "Empleaverde Program", which aims to increase competitiveness and sustainability of enterprises, improving the professional skills of workers by training courses, the incorporation of renewable technologies and the energy efficient in various production processes.

The project is aimed mainly at workers in paid employment, SMEs, freelancers, professionals, etc., especially in rural tourism
sectors , environmental, farming, located in protected areas.



We promote the formation of employees of small and medium enterprises, as well the self-employed proffesionals, to improve their skills and qualifications, being able to generate new business with appropriate environmental practices. All activities are free.

There are two different groups of training activities:

1. Activities of attending training.

2. Activities of mixed training: attending and distance classes.


Attending actions (FP).


Action name:


Estimation of sustainable energy solutions of rural tourism business area.

20 hours


Estimation of sustainable energy solutions in the field of agro-livestock farms.

20 hours


Eco construction.

20 hours






Mixed training actions (FM): attending and distance classes.


Action name:


More info.





Geothermal installations for buildings weatherization

60 hours


Sustainable Energy in Rural accommodations

60 hours


Farm sustainable energy

60 hours


Energy Crops: Biofuels as energy source

60 hours


Calculation and design of photovoltaic solar energy

40 hours


Energy audits in agricultural and livestock farms

40 hours


Biomass as energy source

60 hours


Application of Solar Energy in production processes

40 hours


Renewable energy project financiation


40 hours


New regulations on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

40 hours

Download the complete program: Granada Toda Solar Program.

More info:
Address: Avda. de Andalucía S/N. Centro de Iniciativas Empresariales. CIE. Diputación de Granada. 18015. Granada.

Phone: 958 28 15 51.

Fax: 958 28 15 53.

Web: www.granadatodasolar.es electrónico:

EMail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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